National results: ESPT Malaga, WPT Prime Madrid and LÑP Sevilla

National results: ESPT Malaga, WPT Prime Madrid an...

Over the past few days, there has been a lot of activity in the gaming circuit favored by Spanish live poker players.

The message demands that everything that happened at the Winamax Poker Open in Bratislava be written down with a magnifying glass. This is an event organized by the most loyal operator of our country and Banco Casino, where we bring you a report on the results of our ambassadors sent to Slovakia.

But there is much more to offer, and much more that is easier for our community to participate in since these events take place within our borders. These are the results of the most important events of the past two weeks in terms of local poker

ESPT Malaga

The PokerStars Festival has been postponed to an already busy calendar. The first week of the CEP, which coincides with the CNP Alicante Festival, is the week that triggers the start of this wave of festivals. The second match took place in Bratislava, so it was nice to get back the scoreboard that ended with 485 players.

  1. Jose Gonzalez €91,960.
  2. Alex Martin €57,475.
  3. Richard Eklind €41,050.
  4. Shohre Marjaei €31,580.
  5. Alexandros Dimogiorgis €24,300.
  6. Ruben Zullar €18,690 €18,690 18,690
  7. José Antonio López (Pepín) €14,380 14,380
  8. Eduard Guiulbenghian €11,060 €11,060 11,060
  9. li>
  10. Jose Antonio Lopez (Jennis) €8,615 €8,615 €8,615

WPT Prime Madrid

For the second time, Gran Vía Casino hosts the second round of the World Poker Tour. Even though the dates were very similar, the participation did not come close to the premiere, even if the final number of participants on the monitor did not fall below 396 participants.

The event invites the winner to compete in December’s WPT World Championship, a guaranteed $40 million tournament, a privilege that was agreed upon heads-up byOscar Gironella and Juan Gonzalo Ares contended for.

  1. Oscar Gironella $73,840*.
  2. Juan Gonzalo Ares $69,950*.
  3. Julen Lijó $37,687
  4. Ji Yang $28,043
  5. Ji Yang $28,043 li>
  6. Jean Carlos Chacon $21,173 $21,173
  7. Francois Robert$16,091
  8. Antonio Alfaya$12,386
  9. Jordan Dennis$9,633

LÑP Sevilla

Admiral Casino is climbing the list of favorites of many players in our country, and the Spanish Poker Federation has also visited it in recent days.

Special fun at the poker table is always accompanied by the presence of David Rivas “Caballito”, who this time accompanied the entire tournament and finally defeated 150 players. The High Roller saw the victory of Francisco Fernandez “kikuxo”another mainstay of the National Tour.

National results: ESPT Malaga, WPT Prime Madrid an...


  • This text appears to be discussing recent events and results in the Spanish live poker circuit. It mentions various tournaments and their winners, as well as the popularity of certain casinos among players.

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