WPT Global in Australia: poker club review

WPT Global Overview

The well-known brand WPT, which has been organizing significant competitions for more than 20 years, now has its own space, WPT Global. In April 2022, the room made its debut on a brand-new gaming platform. One may be confident in the poker room’s dependability and safety given the high repute of the WPT brand.

The program was created with the use of contemporary technology. So, as soon as the room launched, a mobile client became available, cryptocurrency payments were made possible, and fashionable NFT avatars were made. Auxiliary software cannot be used in WPT Australia. VPN gaming is not allowed.

The WPT AUstralia is played at cash tables, often with straddles and 8-max tables, with limits up to NL2000. Many Hold’em 6+ tables with antes ranging from 10 cents to 16 dollars may be found here. Numerous intriguing elements, like Splash, Bomb Pots, and jackpots, are in use. The grid of tournaments includes $2 to 550 dollar events, freerolls, and satellites to the World Series of Poker. There is a $10K monthly rake race. Given that the room is new and there are not many players yet, accessing the rewards is not difficult.

Traffic and games at WPT Poker

WPT Global cannot yet claim of large traffic due to its youth. The number of connections does not surpass 2000 during peak hours. Play in the room for Chinese yuan; the lobby will change them into dollars. Texas Hold’em is the most common, and you may find tables with limits ranging from NL1 to NL800-2K for this game. All tables are 8-max and the majority of the hands are straddles.

WPT Global is also appropriate for aficionados of Hold’em with a small deck. A maximum ante of 16 dollars is used to symbolize this format in a number of limits.

At cash tables, dynamics are increased by the use of special chips. For instance, in a hand using the Bomb Pots feature, all players get handed 8 ante into the pot once every 12 minutes. The game then resumes once the flop cards are dealt. For assembling the strongest combos, Jacks are given out.

You may play quick poker at WPT Global Club. Similar to other well-known poker sites, you are immediately switched to another table and may begin playing again after folding. NL8 and NL32 are the only restrictions that are currently available.

Tournament fans have not been forgotten by WPT Poker. There are tournaments every day with buy-ins ranging from 2 to 109 dollars. There are short deck and Omaha tournaments in addition to conventional Hold’em events. There are two well-liked wildcards available for $109 and $550. There are competitions with knockout rounds. Within the WPT series, there are freerolls and satellites to live competitions. Several days may pass between certain tournaments. For instance, more than 100K dollars are played in Golden Weekly for just $80. Satellites are available for these competitions.

Software by WPT Australia

You’ll need 4GB of RAM and 0.5GB of free space to utilize the WPT Global Club program without experiencing any lag. Windows and MacOS are supported by the client. The application’s UI is really recognizable and practical. The primary disciplines are listed under the tabs at the top. One of the drawbacks is the display of stacks at the cash registers in Chinese yuayans. It won’t be possible to play more than one table concurrently because the room is currently in test mode.

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