Gironella is a prophet of his own country on WPT Prime in Madrid

Gironella becomes a prophet for his country on WPT...

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Iberian Óscar Gironella’s victory at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime edition in the Spanish capital happened recently a few days. He sealed victory by defeating compatriot Juan Gonzalo Ares in a heads-up match, with both sides agreeing to split the tournament’s top prize in the title fight. The winner received $73,840 in prize money along with the trophy and a ticket to the WPT World Championship, which will conclude the Track Tour season. His runner-up took home $69,950. The podium was made up entirely of local competitors and was completed by Julen Lijo, who took home the bronze medal and $37,687 in prize money.

Locals dominate the World Poker Tour’s major event in the Spanish capital.

Second Place The Gold Edition of the Orbital Tour made its first consecutive stop in Madrid, and Iberian players were able to take advantage of the opportunity to confirm that their country is one of the major powers in Europe’s elite poker scene. This was evident in the Main Event of the series, where the podium was made up entirely of Spaniards:

Gironella and Ares

Take the lead during Heads in the Main Event of this WPT Prime Madrid.

Oscar Am In In the end, Gironella held all the chips and sealed the title by striking a deal with Juan Gonzalo Ares to split the tournament’s top prize. As champion, Gironella earned $73,840, in addition to a trophy commemorating her victory and $10,400 worth of entry fees to the WPT World Championship festival, which will take place at Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. The runner-up earned $69,950; Julen Lijo completed the medal tally with $37,687 in bronze.

This WPT Prime will be held at Casino Gran Via. Madrid, the buy-in for the Main Event is €1,100. Registration closed with 396 entrants taking part, with a prize pool of $387,858 to be awarded to the top 51 finishers. Unfortunately for our region, no Latinos are receiving box office hits in this competition. In fact, China’s Ji Yang (4th; $28,043), France’s Robert François (6th; $16,091) and PortugalTaken Antonio Alfaia (7; $12,386) was the only foreign player to make the event’s grand table.

We end this review with details of the prize money for the finalists of this WPT Prime Madrid Main Event:

Winner: Oscar Gironella (Spain) $73,840* + WPT World Championship ticket worth $10,400 – USDSecond Place: Juan Gonzalo Ares (Spain) $69,950*Third Place: Julen Lijo (Spain) $37,687 4. Location: Jiyang (China) US$28,0435. Location: Jean Carlos Chacon (Spain) US$21,1736 . Location: Robert Francois (France) $16,0917. Location: Antonio Alfaia (Portugal) $12,3868. Place:Jourdan Denis(Spain) $9,​​6339th place. Location: Alvaro Paniagua (Spain) $7,516

Gironella becomes a prophet for his country on WPT...


  • This text discusses the recent victory of Spanish poker player Óscar Gironella at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Prime edition in Madrid. Gironella defeated another Spanish player, Juan Gonzalo Ares, in a heads-up match and they agreed to split the tournament’s top prize.

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