WCOOP: Youri Martins tops Saturday’s series

Yuri Martins scores big time in WCOOP high rollers...

The final Saturday of WCOOP 2023 was busy with several Brazilian results recorded. One of the highlights was star player Yuri “theNERDguy” Martins, who reached the High Roller final table in search of a second title but failed there.

Event 86 1st Place (NLH $10,300) Progressive KO ) Yuri finished in third place out of 83 entrants and earned $66,534. In Event #87-H ($2,100 8 Races), “theNERDguy” placed fifth out of 40 entries and earned $5,115. The ace brought in a total of $71,649.

In event #90-M, the $109 DeepStack event saw 2,327 participants and young player Tomás Schulz (“T01010011”) from PokerLab emerged victorious. The result earned him $34,356.

In Event 94-M ($109 NL 6-Max DeepStack), the championship was awarded to Gabriel Baleeiro, “pinguinho”, a Great Player Series player. Bahian beat out 2,045 entrants and was awarded $30,639.

More results below:

Event Player Place


WCOOP 90-H: $1,050 NL Hold ’em DeepStack Eder Campana “edercampana” 4. $21,112 WCOOP 95-M: $215 Turbo PKO Rafael Eltz “ratitoBR” 2. US $ 20.446 WCOOP 86-M: 1,050 US $ NLH PKO Eduardo Silva “Eduardo850” 6. US $ 19,363 WCOOP 88-L: 33 US$ NL Hold’em “Ghiiiiiiiisi” 1. US$ 16.925 WCOOP 94-M: 109 US$ NL Hold’em 6-Max Lucas Menck “mennck” 3. US$14,874 WCOOP 84-H: US$1,050 NL Hold’em 6-Max, Deep Stack Dalton Hobold “daltonhb” 6. US$13,034 WCOOP US$ 1,050 World Championship 2 -7 Single Draw Matheus Zilberknop “zilbeee” 2nd Place US$ 12,703 WCOOP 86-L: US$ 109 NLH PKO Brener Vicente “Bremer919″ 6th place US$ 12,559 WCOOP 84-H: US$ 1,050 NL Hold’em 6-Max, deep stack Paulo Brombim” paulinhoo00″ 7. US$ 10,552 WCOOP 94-M: US$ 109 NL Hold’em 6-Max Daniel Wellington “77.danielw” 4. US$ 10,363 WCOOP 94-L: US$ 11 NLH 6-Max “myky1993” 4. US$ 10,279

Yuri Martins scores big time in WCOOP high rollers...

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