“Suarito” beats Supremas Battle 200K

“Suarito” beats Supremas Battle 200K

In the days leading up to the main event of the Suprema Poker Series, a tournament with a massive BRL 5 million guarantee, players descended on the world’s largest gaming room. In a special edition of the R$250 Battle 200K GTD, ‘Suarito’ beat 970 opponents to claim the title. He received a total of 31,582 reais.

“cavalinho77” also announced the winner of the HighS 100K GTD, with a prize of R$ 750. The first of 151 participants, he topped up with a balance of 22,027 reais.

View other winners:

R $550 OmaX 50K GTD (131 entries)

1. Rank “cgotardo” R$ 16,457

R$ 75 Battle 100K GTD (1,888 participants)

1. “TakeR” R$ 15,374 p>

R$ 550 Mini HighS 50K GTD (105 entrants)

1. eTuLigaé place? ” R$ 12,214

R$ 110 Mysterious 50K GTD (110 items)

First place “TKSFORLIVE” R$ 10,334

R$50 Big Plus 60K GTD (1,433 items)

First place “C.Shellby” R$8,573

R$15 Plus 50K GTD (4,293 items)

First place “Gordao199kg” R$ 8,641

“Suarito” beats Supremas Battle 200K

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