Pedro Madeira becomes OSS ME champion after three-hand deal

Pedro Madeira and Felipe Boianovsky win big with C...

In the final part of the online series, the first huge jackpot of Brazilian Poker was announced on Tuesday afternoon (03). Pedro Madeira from Team 4bet is the biggest winner in the High Stakes 3 Hands of Americas Cardroom Online Super Series (OSS) Main Event. Felipe Boianovsky also lined his pockets again.

The tournament finished in 350th place with a $2,650 buy-in and 1,146 entries. Madeira played well and finished in first place after 3 people were dealt, winning $447,338. Felipe Boianovsky (“MsChanandlerBong”) also performed well, continuing an incredible 2023. He won $346,682 and celebrated his performance.

Madeira made a breakthrough in the Championship after a brilliant game. Still at an 8-max table, he saw “Und3rTh3Br1dg3” raise a full stack at the cutoff and go flat with AK, about 43 blinds away. Short stack “Down2Muck” went all-in from the small blind, and the initial attacker was excited. The Brit went all-in, covering Pedro with QT, and was immediately called. The hand remains the same and the miners take the lead.

Pedro continued to lead the final table, while Boianovsky ran into more trouble, including losing a preflop all-in on JJ against QQ. The Grinder managed to recover and reach 3 hands with a short stack. Subsequently, two Brazilian players and British player “!Alexyio” decided to choose ICM.

The original price of the overall winner is US$535,990, the runner-up is US$391,866, and the third runner-up is US$286,061. British received $419,896 from the settlement. The game will not continue after the transaction, and the ranking will be based on the number of chips. Thus, “donkeyPROZ” Madeira became the grand champion.

Felipe Boianovsky

See the finalists’ prizes:

1. Place – Pedro Madeira “donkeyPROZ” (Brazil) – $447,338*

Second place. Place – !Alexyio (UK) – USA $419,896*

Third place. – Felipe Boianovsky “MsChanandlerBong” (Brazil) – $346,682*

4. – “baptizedhookers” (USA) – $208,824

5. – “oblioo” (USA) – $152,440

6. – “Und3rTh3Br1dg3” (UK) – $111,282

7. – “DiffieHellmann” (Canada) – $81,237

8. Location – “Down2Muck” (USA) – $59,302

Pedro Madeira and Felipe Boianovsky win big with C...

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