ME WSOP Online: Ramiro Petrone 4th and Ezequiel Kleinman 3rd

Main Event WSOP Online: Ramiro Petrone 4th, Ezequi...

Tuesday, October 3rd was a historic day for Argentinian poker, as it was the first time two players in the country won millionaire prizes in the same tournament. Achieving the feat were Ezequiel Kleinman and Ramiro Petrone in the 2023 WSOP Online Main Event.

The tournament had a $5,000 buy-in, and 6,023 entries created a prize pool of $28,609,250 (a record for an online event), distributed among the top 761 players. These include Francisco Benitez (No. 58 – $52,000), Chris Moorman (No. 59 – $52,000), Jose Ferro (No. 133 – $34,000), Martín Díaz (170th – $30,000), Damián Salas (299th – $20,000), Martín Piñeiro (300th – $20,000), Manuel Pochat(374). – $17,000) and Iván Lucá (676th – $10,000).

The final table begins, as shown in the cover image of this article.

Uruguay-based Ramiro Petrone finished fourth and won the largest prize of his online career: $1,128,331. His best result before this tournament was a first place finish in Orange Diamond Room’s MILLIONS Online 2021 competition, winning $859,000.

Ezequiel Kleinman rounded out the podium and finished third with no less than $1,524,214. This is the largest online bonus ever won by an Argentinian player. He far surpassed the $88,000 he won in 2019, when he finished second in the Sunday Million. His live bonus is $235,000.

The winner of the Main Event was Belgian Bert Stevens, known online as “girafganger”, who won his first bracelet at the World Poker Championship series and a whopping $2.7 million in prize money. Giraf streamed his matches on Twitch, with an average of 10,000 people watching his stream during the final table.

— giraf Ganger (@Girafganger7) October 3, 2023

Main Event WSOP Online: Ramiro Petrone 4th, Ezequi...


  • This text highlights the historic achievement of two Argentinian poker players, Ezequiel Kleinman and Ramiro Petrone, who won millionaire prizes in the same tournament. It also mentions the record-breaking prize pool and the overall winner of the Main Event, Belgian player Bert Stevens.

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