Joseract and Albertooo take Spain’s best wins on PokerStars on Monday

Joseract and Albertooo take Spain's best wins on P...

Yesterday, the PokerStarsregular tournament supplemented the Monster 50’s Day2: € ”. 50 NLHE PKO 6-Max, €400,000 GTD.

As we saw in yesterday’s preview, the Monster 50 has a 3 Day structure and Registration ended with 13,896 entrants (8,950 individual contestants and 4,946 re-entrants), with a prize pool of €625,320. 18 players have secured chips at the end of the second day and are fighting for today’s jackpot. Among them are three Spaniards: “draddista”, “TropisPls” and “javier_95916”. VGL, Spanish!

On Monday Of the normal tournaments, 7 had jackpots over €10,000, of which 2 were won by Spanish players.

“Joserract” won the Thunder €50 and received €4,059.93; and “Albertooo” won the Big Bang €50 and received €2,808.97 Euro prize money.

In the regular mini-tournament, Roja won the overall title24 MTT won. “xDeRoze” was in great form as he won the Double Online Championship after winning the SM Omaha €20 6-Max and the SM Midnight Express €20.

These are the results for Monday’s regular tournaments, with 5-digit jackpots:

  1. xcizions (Sunday Discount of €100. Prize pool: €4,861.31. Number of games: 383. Prize pool: €34,470. Country: Portugal).
  2. amarozamithk (Mini Thunder €10. Prize pool: €2,344.50. Number of entries: 2,576. Prize pool: €23,184. Country: Portugal).
  3. Joserrat (Thunder) £50. Prize pool: €4,059.93. Number of participants: 595. Number of participants: 595. Prize pool: €26,775. Country: Spain).
  4. tqqfun77 (SM Night on Stars €100. Prize pool: €3,178.53. Field: 187. Prize pool: €16,830. Country: Armenia).
  5. Sagnol21 (Bounty generator €10. Bounty pool: €1,077.62. Realms: €1,371. Realms: 1,371. Bounty pool: €12,339. Country: Portugal).
  6. Albertooo (Big Bang €50. Prize money: €2,808.97. Number of entries: 350. Prize pool: €15,750. Country: Spain).
  7. What is your dream? (Bounty Night €10. Prize Pool: €2,682.37. Number of Entrants: €2,373. Number of Entrants: 2,373. Prize Pool: €21,357. Country: Ukraine).

Joseract and Albertooo take Spain's best wins on P...

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