‘He’s passionate about other things’: Neymar’s DT talks about poker?

'He's passionate about other things': Neymar's DT...

As Neymar returns from his knee injury, his off-field life continues to amaze. The Brazilian star was injured in the qualifying match against Uruguay on October 18 and is still recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament and left meniscus. Despite his recovery, the slugger still maintains an active schedule, which even includes a luxury cruise, taking on the role of master despite being on crutches.

Despite his recognition by the club, Arab Al Hilal, Neymar has not escaped the criticism of his coach Jorge Jesuson the field Criticism of external activities. Compared to Cristiano Ronaldo, Jesus said Ronaldo is more passionate about football and considers it a priority, while Neymar is more focused on all aspects of his personal life, including playing poker, of course.

Neymar and Akari, students and masters of poker.

Despite these claims, the coach praised Neymar’s footballing ability and personal qualities, highlighting the surprisingly positive impact he had during his time at Al Hilal.

Jesus and Neymar played together for five games in 2023 before the Brazilian’s injury, with Neymar’s return to the team’s pitch yet to be determined, with speculation that he would miss the upcoming match America’s Cup and return mid-year.

Neymar uses poker as therapy

As local league leaders Al Hilal prepare to face Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami on January 29, Neymar shows off his talent outside of football versatile. His most recent foray into the poker world came at the PokerStars New Year’s Series Main Event Senior, where he finished 13th out of 294 entrants and pocketed $19,663.

Neymar continues to increase his time on the poker table.

While the price may not seem high compared to the two-year contract he recently signed with Al-Hilal, it’s worth almost $300 Neymar is more interested than ever in his retirement Prove that he wants to become a professional player and compete with the best players in the world.

Neymar’s Goals

In January 2022, during the Winter Series, the forward finished third in the $1,050 Turbo event for $23,884. Another third place finisher, this time in the $10,300 High Roller, earned $125,678, his highest poker cash to date. Later that year, Neymar made his World Series of Poker (WSOP) debut with success in a $10,000 tournament. Extreme Texas hold’em tournament. Although he failed to win, he entered the ITM less than a week later and finished 49th in the $1,000 Super Turbo bounty event.

He nearly got a red card at the poker table that day

During the Super Turbo Bounty, security nearly kicked the star out of the tournament area when the prize bubble burst. The footballer was chatting with some friends, including Andre Akkari from the PokerStars Pro team, when a member of the security team, unaware that Neymar was one of the participants, almost chased him away go out. Luckily, Neymar survived the cut and won his first WSOP cash.

'He's passionate about other things': Neymar's DT...

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  • Lucienne.marquardt

    This text discusses Neymar’s return from a knee injury and his active off-field life, including his involvement in poker. It mentions criticism from his coach about his priorities, but also praises his footballing ability. Neymar has had success in poker tournaments, including a recent third place finish and a near incident with security at a tournament.

  • This text describes Neymar’s off-field activities, particularly his interest in poker. It highlights his participation in various poker events and his success in earning cash prizes. Additionally, the text mentions a humorous incident where Neymar almost got kicked out of a poker tournament by security.

  • Abshire.xavier

    It seems like Neymar is passionate about poker and is actively participating in tournaments while recovering from his knee injury. Despite some criticism from his coach about his priorities, Neymar’s success in poker shows his dedication to becoming a professional player in that field.

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