Gus Hansen returns to WPT World Championship

Gus Hansen returns to WPT World Championship

The highly anticipated $10,400 WPT World Championship Main Event kicked off at WynnLas Vegas, with a large number of players flooding the ballroom at the start of the day, hoping to get a share of the prize pool and maybe some more Can become a champion. The last person to hold a life-changing score in his hand. What is the guaranteed prize pool? Not less than $40 million.

With so much at stake, it’s no surprise that a group of poker superstars were in their seats early to hear the sounds of the cards being shuffled and deals being made. The atmosphere is initially calm and focused, as the constant chirping of chips takes over and players begin to play. The ice is broken.

Maria Konnikova on her second day at the WPT World Championship ME.

One of the people chosen for this is Gus Hansen, we reported a few days ago that he was back on screen in the WPT World Championship promotion, but we wanted to know Whether he will stay or not. The answer is yes: Hansen is the 24th player out of 202 players to make it through Day 1A of the Main Event with 558,000 chips. The group consists of two Latinos: Michael Duek (462,000 chips) and one Nick Yunis who was eliminated penniless from the WPT Prime tournament (with 343,000 chips) promotion). The leader is Jeff Kamim with 998,000.

The next 609 participants include: Alan Keating (957,000), Patrick Leonard (706,000), Darren · Elias(564,000),Maria Konnikova(458,000),Ben Lamb(321,000) and Sergio Aido (263,000).

All successful runners will return for Day 2 of the Level 11 (3km/6km/6km) and Action Clock races on Saturday, while this Wednesday will be Day 1B The second of four aborted departure flights meant there was no way to re-enter.

Main Event WPT Championship

Buy-in: $10,400

Day 1A Participants: 609

Pot: 40,000,000 GTD

Louvres:Level 11 (5K/6K/6K)

Count the first 10 digits

1. Jeff Hakeem – 998,0002. Adekunle Olonoh – 972,0003. Alan Keating – 957,0004. Ardenzo – 798,0005. Jeremy Joseph – 773,0006. Jon Borenstein – 745,0007. John Ming – 712,0008 Patrick Leonard – 706,0009° Tjan Tepeh – 695,00010° George Tomescu – 676,000

Gus Hansen returns to WPT World Championship

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  • This text provides information about the WPT World Championship Main Event, including the number of participants, prize pool, and notable players. It also mentions that Gus Hansen is one of the players who made it through Day 1A of the event.

  • This text is a report on the WPT World Championship Main Event at Wynn Las Vegas, providing details on the number of participants, chip counts, and some notable players. It highlights the high stakes and excitement surrounding the tournament.

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