FT ‘The Immortal’ Derk van Luijk wins EPT Monte Carlo Main Event and pockets €1 million

FT 'The Immortal' Derk van Luijk wins EPT Monte Ca...

After pulling off one of the most improbable comebacks in EPT history, Dutchman Derk van Luijk won the Main Event in Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco. The casual player won a total of €1,000,000.

Van Luijk was the smallest stack when the FT opened, hitting a pair of aces on his first pre-flop all-in. With the advantage of A♣J♣, he was saved by 2♣8♦6♣J♥J♦ on the board and held on to win in 9 hands.

van Luijk was also just one card away from being eliminated. 3 hands. On a J♥4♠3♣5♥ board, he called an all-in move from American Rania Nasreddine, who had more chips and 5♦4♣. The European player, dominated by J♣10♣, saw the river card of 10♦ prevent his downfall.

In a long one-on-one duel with Boris Angelov, van Luijk suffered losses under the deck. He led with K♥K♣ and immediately called after Boris Angelov 4-bet all-in. The Bulgarian found the dream board Q♥5♠Q♣Q♠7♠ with AChecks and took the pot to regain the lead.

Although Angelov subsequently lost the lead, he managed to regain the lead and win easily, leaving his opponent with only 10 BBS. van Luijk didn’t give up, doubling his chips several times until he was close to winning.

On the final hand, van Luijk went all-in for 13 bets before Angelov went all-in. Playing A♠Q♥ against K♠7♣, van Luijk was not surprised that Q♠J♣4♠3♦9♠ was ahead and shouted victory.

The Main Event had 1,208 entries and was worth €5,300, resulting in €5,858,800 in prize money. Find out how much each finalist won:

1. Derk van Luijk (Netherlands) €1,000,000

2. Boris Angelov (Bulgaria) €620,500

3. Rania Nasreddine (USA) €442,900

4. Jovan Kenjic (Serbia) €340,500

5. Jonathan Pastore (France) €261,700

6. Niclas Thumm (Germany) €201,000

7. Jonathan Guedes (Brazil) €154,900

8. Jozef Cibicek (Slovakia) €119,000

9. Philipp Wenzelburger (Germany) €91,500

FT 'The Immortal' Derk van Luijk wins EPT Monte Ca...

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  • This text describes the impressive journey of Derk van Luijk in winning the EPT Main Event in Monte Carlo, showcasing his incredible comeback and skill in the final hands. It also provides a breakdown of the prize money distribution among the finalists of the tournament.

  • I think the text describes an exciting and improbable victory for Derk van Luijk in the EPT Main Event. It showcases his skill and determination in overcoming the odds to win a significant prize.

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