BSOP Millions: Rodrigo Rezende wins mini-main event

Rodrigo Rezende defeats Chilean player in heads-up...

If the Uruguayan flag topped the podium in the BSOP Millions Main Event, in a mini-tournament it was Brazil that took home the victory. At the urging of fans, Team Heroes Poker player Rodrigo Rezende shouted “This is the championship” after a thrilling heads-up match against Chilean Christopher Gutierrez.

The Vitória-ES player was rewarded handsomely for beating 1,034 entrants with a buy-in of R$ 2,000 over three long days. Rodrigo’s victory earned him a generous bonus of R$ 274,500, while his Chilean rival finished second with R$ 222,500.

“Winning is a great feeling of satisfaction. I’ve had that.” “The bar in 2021 and 2022, so I’m excited to win the BSOP Million here. Winning something like this is A huge sense of satisfaction that leaves you speechless,” said the champion.

Rodrigo showed a very high level of poker in the final match, as he played against experienced players from other teams. But with a strong performance in the FT semi-finals, he used the momentum to put more pressure on his opponents at the final table:

“When it came time to get to the final table, I was already in. “ Taking the lead . This makes it easier to put pressure on ICM. I made a lot of chips in FT and got into heads up. It’s complicated, I’m 3-1 up, he spins, I spin and go all-in. It was long, tiring, but very rewarding. ” he said.

Rodrigo has always had incredible support from his friends on the Hero Poker team. Every prize pool he wins allows him to devote himself wholeheartedly to the challenge, for which he is extremely grateful: “It feels good to play, not just for the money but for the fans. It’s like a family here. “It’s incredible. It’s a unique experience, for sure,” he concluded.

View full awards:

1. – Rodrigo Rezende – R$274,500*

2. Place – Christopher Gutierrez – R$222,500*

Third place. Place – Raphael Filippetti – 131,550 R$

Fourth place. Location – Guilherme Brasileiro – R$99,000

5. – Luca Vitaliano – R$ 76,000

6. – Bernardo Suarez – 56,000 BRL

7. – Fabiano Teixeira – 41,000 BRL

8. – Alan Heffenstein – R$ 30,000

9. – Caio Augusto Locatelli – R$ 23.00


Rodrigo Rezende defeats Chilean player in heads-up...

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  • Franecki.reba

    The text discusses the victory of Brazilian poker player Rodrigo Rezende in the BSOP Millions Main Event. Rezende beat 1,034 entrants to win a cash prize of R$ 274,500 and expressed satisfaction and gratitude for the support he received from his team. Overall, it highlights his strong performance and the rewarding experience of winning a prestigious tournament.

  • The text discusses the victory of Brazilian poker player Rodrigo Rezende in the BSOP Millions Main Event. He expressed his joy and satisfaction with winning the championship, attributing his success to his high level of poker skills and support from his team. The text also provides details of the prize amounts for the top finishers.

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