BSOP Millions: Alex Gelinski Conquers One Day HR PKO

Alex Gelinski wins One-Day High Roller Prog KO and...

The 4Bet Poker team is a real player development machine and at BSOP Millions 2023 the numbers show that more and more. On Tuesday (21st), one of the team’s strongest players won another title in the One-Day High Roller Progressive K.O. Alex Gelinski followed in the footsteps of his teammates and had a great time at the WTC Sheraton Hotel.

The star from Curitiba, a long-time professional player, entered the competition in the afternoon and after more than 12 hours of play he emerged victorious from 163 entrants and received a generous prize. Alex Gelinski earned a total of R$ 293,000 including winnings. The player celebrated with his friends and spoke about his victory and 4Bet:

“About me: I think this has been the hardest year of my life. . ” This. “It all comes down to my students, and I have several in my team. My ROI hurts me, although that’s normal. This competition helped me a lot. 4Bet is about doing what they teach My thing and confidence. This strategy is perfect but when we play at the poker table it is crucial, especially for students, to have confidence and show what it is. Sometimes it is hard to get students Say the lines or whatever, but all of these titles make us believe we’re on the right track Party Right: “Incredible”

This version of the traditional High Roller The game is played in a progressive KO format. Similar to the structure of online poker tables, Glinski does not encounter any difficulties playing games on virtual platforms based on daily experience:

“Online games have a huge different. I hope so. “Take this opportunity to thank our Progressive KO instructor Eder Campana. As I said, we do what we are taught by 4Bet, whether live or online. Well, when it comes to the technical team of the tournament, it is impeccable, I don’t understand if I lose. Online we have all the information and it’s the same here,” he said.

Gelinski faced strong players. At the final table he had to face well-known players such as José Severino, Ariel, Bahia, Jhon Diaz, Luiz Constantino, Francisco Pacheco, Marcos Kenne, Jorge Ramella, and finally He beat Elias Neto in a preflop push against JT’s K3s, then ran towards the fans.

When asked what his next steps were for the BSOP Millions, Glinski already had a clear agenda: “Right now I’m going to eat something on my own, drink a few beers, and get some adrenaline. The quality is rising. But as far as the track is concerned: I will play easier, do my best and maybe appear in interviews as another champion,” concluded the champion.

See the entire prize pool:

1. Place – Alex Gelinski – R$ 293,000

Second place. Place – Elias Neto – R$ 135,000

Third place. Place – Jorge Ramella – R$ 95,000

Fourth place. – Marcos Kenny – R$ 63,000

5. – Francisco Pacheco – R$ 51,000

6. – Luiz Constantino – R$ 39,450

Seventh place – Jhon Ferney – R$ 29,200

Eighth place – Ariel Bahia – R$ 21,450

No. Nine. Rank – José Severino – R$ 17,100

Alex Gelinski wins One-Day High Roller Prog KO and...

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  • Ignatius.monahan

    Based on the text, it appears that the 4Bet Poker team is highly successful and has a strong player development program. Alex Gelinski, one of their players, won a title at BSOP Millions 2023 and expressed gratitude for the team’s teachings and strategies.

  • Ernestine.weimann

    The text discusses the success of the 4Bet Poker team at the BSOP Millions 2023 tournament, highlighting the victory of player Alex Gelinski in the One-Day High Roller Progressive K.O. event. Gelinski praises the team’s player development strategies and attributes his win to the confidence and skills he has acquired through their training.

  • This text highlights the success of Alex Gelinski, a player on the 4Bet Poker team, at the BSOP Millions 2023 tournament. Gelinski’s victory in the One-Day High Roller Progressive K.O. tournament showcases the team’s player development success. The text also emphasizes the importance of confidence and strategy in poker, and how Gelinski’s success is attributed to the teachings of his team.

  • Witting.kaela

    This text highlights the success of the 4Bet Poker team at the BSOP Millions 2023, with player Alex Gelinski winning a title in the One-Day High Roller Progressive K.O tournament. Gelinski credits his success to the strategies taught by 4Bet Poker and his confidence at the table.

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