Badbit Jackpot at Playground Poker Club

Playground Club Canada wins multi-million dollar B...

Playground Poker Club is a major sponsor of Badbit Jackpots. Not only are they on the table regularly, but they appear on a regular basis. Just a few months ago, the club won the world’s largest upset jackpot – over $2.6 million.

Interestingly, the prize pool has almost reached seven figures in such a short period of time. This only goes to show the round-the-clock play at Playground Poker Club.

This time the decisive hand was played at an 8-max table with a $1/$2 limit. Six players limped into the game and the flop came.

One player bets $15 in the pot and three other players follow suit. They fold on the turn and the situation becomes even more interesting as it opens up the potential for a straight flush and bad to beat the jackpot.

The turn is checked and we wait for the river. After several raises and re-raises, only two opponents remain, who move their chips to the middle of the table and reveal their cards: and .

That’s enough to win a share of the jackpot of $1,344,069 Canadian dollars (almost a million dollars) between all players. 40% of that was distributed to the loser of the hand, the winner received approximately $265,000, the six poker players at the table each received $44,000, and the other 20% was distributed to everyone who was making money at the Playground Poker Club at the time.

What’s special about the Badbit jackpot in the club is that its draw conditions change every week. On the last trigger, you must lose with an A and A combination. Despite these strict requirements, he regularly delighted all visitors to the club.

Now, the Bad Beat jackpot has been reduced to $140,000, and the requirement for the Ace Queen Racket will remain the same in the near future – possibly once again to build a seven-figure prize pool.

Playground Club Canada wins multi-million dollar B...

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