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Shaquille O’Neal on Charles Barkley’s fiasco

Shaquille O'Neal vs. Charles Barkley

In the world of poker and basketball stars, Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley share a hilarious moment on TNT. Not only are these two court legends considered two of the best basketball players of all time, but they are also renowned commentators on the channel.

The backdrop for this bizarre encounter is the show’s studio, where Shaq and Chuck, as they are affectionately called, compete against each other in a spontaneous game of poker. Kenny Smith, another former player and commentator on the station, also attended the event. The spark for poker comes naturally in anticipation of the upcoming NBA All-Star Game, a jam-packed event that brings all the stars of the league together in one place.

Hold this event as part of the build-up to Kenny Smith’s hosting of a player-versus-player charity poker tournament with a $5,000 buy-in and all proceeds going to charity. The move inspired Shaq and Chuck to play an informal poker game in the studio, with the winner getting a day off from the show, creating a moment of laughter and camaraderie.

The dealer joins the game and deals five cards to each participant. Barkley’s full house was impressive, while O’Neill joked about his lack of experience at poker and displayed a royal flush, which elicited laughter from everyone present. While it was obviously a joke and Shaq was probably making fun of Chuck, it did show the former Los Angeles Lakers center’s love for poker. Shaq even has a $1 million poker table in his treehouse.

Shaquille O'Neal vs. Charles Barkley

KSOP SA: Leonardo Tarazona is the high roller in the ITM bubble

KSOP GGPoker SA: Leonardo Tarazona attempts a 4-be...

The penultimate day of KSOP GGPoker South America started off very busy. While some tournaments are coming to an end, one of the exciting ones is the High Roller. The R$10,000 tournament starts again this afternoon with 49 players vying for the top prize pool in 44th place.

Less than an hour into the game, the ITM bubble burst. Like several other players at this KSOP GGPoker South America, the “victim” was a player who seemed unwilling to take any risks. This time it was Colombian Leonardo Tarazona who found himself in this unfortunate situation.

Tarazona risked 40 blinds, overplayed his hand and regretted it almost immediately. There were around 40 blinds, the Colombian opened 2 blinds and Brazilian Rodrigo Anacoretto 3-bet with 6.5 blinds. Back in the game, Tarazona 4-bet all-in and tried to take advantage.

But Anacoretto (known as “Danone”) had a range at the top and didn’t hesitate to call with more chips than his opponent. The Brazilian performed well and dominated his Colombian opponent, who was already pessimistically uttering “oh no” going into the showdown. Board 89K7J confirmed its prediction, giving “Danone” the win and eliminating Tarazona from the championship.

The result backfired, with the Colombian failing to reach the ITM range and missing out on at least 20,000 reais.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Leonardo Tarazona attempts a 4-be...

Rafael Tabalipa proposes to girlfriend during KSOP

Day 2 of the KSOP GGPoker SA Main Event begins wit...

Today, KSOP GGPoker South America ushered in the long-awaited second day of the main event. Traditionally, this is the day when Moisés Moraes, CEO of Kings Eventos, delivers the opening speech of the race, thanking people and talking about the next steps for the track. But today’s opening ceremony brought a big surprise: a marriage proposal.

Rafael Tabalipa, a player from Rondônia, made a special proposal while the entire hall was paralyzed waiting for the game to start. Tabalipa, who had the right to kneel if necessary and a beautiful bouquet of flowers, announced his proposal through a microphone and received the long-awaited “yes” from his fiancée Waslla Araruna, in the hall Warm applause immediately broke out.

After the exciting scene, Tabalipa told us about his choice: “I came up with this idea because of the beautiful scenery here. I really like poker and the stage is very Great. I’m sure it will be a surprise for her, she never imagined anything like this.” “I wanted to surprise her and I think I succeeded,” the now-fiancé said.

To add to the overall atmosphere, Rafael Tabalipa also said that he had to come up with another reason why Wasla could start the second day: “She came here because she thought I was attending interview, and she didn’t know anything,” he revealed. Waslla Araruna is no longer playing tournaments, but now he will leave a lasting poker memory in his own history.

Day 2 of the KSOP GGPoker SA Main Event begins wit...

Duel of Youtubers: Ludwig wants a rematch with MrBeast

Duel of Youtubers: Ludwig wants a rematch with MrB...

Two YouTube millionaires, Ludwig and “MrBeast” may face off again in a high-stakes, wild poker duel. In the 2021 showdown, Jimmy (“Mr. Beast”) emerges victorious, Ludwig hopes for a rematch, and the two discuss plans for a new challenge.

In a recent YouTube live broadcast, Ludwig shared his intention to host a new challenge. During the live broadcast, Ludwig and “Mr. Beast” discussed the possibility of hosting the challenge at Jimmy’s house, thus eliminating the need for travel. Ludwig recommends buying “100,000,” but the exact amount has not yet been determined.

Ludwig competed against his colleagues, who have nearly 233 million followers on Google Video alone, to win the $200 Prize/400 Blinds NLH game, which pays out $25,000 per player.

MrBeast defeated his poker hero Hellmuth.

Conversations also indicate that the format will be different this time, going from heads-up tournaments to full nine-player tables with repurchases allowed. Ludwig mentioned the possibility of inviting another well-known player, mentioning Alan Keating, who had previously lost $1 million in a game that MrBeast was involved in.

“MrBeast,” as he is known not only for his success on YouTube, but also for his poker skills has proven to be a formidable opponent. Hellmuth announced on his social media that in 2021 he defeated the legendary Phil Hellmuth in a $10,000 heads-up match.

The date and final details for the event have yet to be confirmed, but the challenge is expected to take place within the next six months, according to Ludwig’s statement during the event’s livestream.

Duel of Youtubers: Ludwig wants a rematch with MrB...

‘He’s passionate about other things’: Neymar’s DT talks about poker?

'He's passionate about other things': Neymar's DT...

As Neymar returns from his knee injury, his off-field life continues to amaze. The Brazilian star was injured in the qualifying match against Uruguay on October 18 and is still recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament and left meniscus. Despite his recovery, the slugger still maintains an active schedule, which even includes a luxury cruise, taking on the role of master despite being on crutches.

Despite his recognition by the club, Arab Al Hilal, Neymar has not escaped the criticism of his coach Jorge Jesuson the field Criticism of external activities. Compared to Cristiano Ronaldo, Jesus said Ronaldo is more passionate about football and considers it a priority, while Neymar is more focused on all aspects of his personal life, including playing poker, of course.

Neymar and Akari, students and masters of poker.

Despite these claims, the coach praised Neymar’s footballing ability and personal qualities, highlighting the surprisingly positive impact he had during his time at Al Hilal.

Jesus and Neymar played together for five games in 2023 before the Brazilian’s injury, with Neymar’s return to the team’s pitch yet to be determined, with speculation that he would miss the upcoming match America’s Cup and return mid-year.

Neymar uses poker as therapy

As local league leaders Al Hilal prepare to face Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami on January 29, Neymar shows off his talent outside of football versatile. His most recent foray into the poker world came at the PokerStars New Year’s Series Main Event Senior, where he finished 13th out of 294 entrants and pocketed $19,663.

Neymar continues to increase his time on the poker table.

While the price may not seem high compared to the two-year contract he recently signed with Al-Hilal, it’s worth almost $300 Neymar is more interested than ever in his retirement Prove that he wants to become a professional player and compete with the best players in the world.

Neymar’s Goals

In January 2022, during the Winter Series, the forward finished third in the $1,050 Turbo event for $23,884. Another third place finisher, this time in the $10,300 High Roller, earned $125,678, his highest poker cash to date. Later that year, Neymar made his World Series of Poker (WSOP) debut with success in a $10,000 tournament. Extreme Texas hold’em tournament. Although he failed to win, he entered the ITM less than a week later and finished 49th in the $1,000 Super Turbo bounty event.

He nearly got a red card at the poker table that day

During the Super Turbo Bounty, security nearly kicked the star out of the tournament area when the prize bubble burst. The footballer was chatting with some friends, including Andre Akkari from the PokerStars Pro team, when a member of the security team, unaware that Neymar was one of the participants, almost chased him away go out. Luckily, Neymar survived the cut and won his first WSOP cash.

'He's passionate about other things': Neymar's DT...

Complete WSOP Paradise Schedule

WSOP Paradise Schedule Released

A few weeks ago, the WSOP partnered with GGPoker to announce the new WSOP Paradise “bracelet” series, which will take place later in the year in the Bahamas.

Traditionally, the schedule appears shortly before the start, but in this case the full list of tournaments has already been published. Players will be treated to 15 events, 13 of which will take place at live tables and two more online.

This will be the debut series, with all events having a guaranteed prize pool. Over the course of a couple weeks, players will split a minimum of $50,000,000 between them. If we take into account the fact that most of them will have an impressive buy-in and will gather a lot of high limit poker players, the final guarantee will be much higher.

Some of the more interesting tournaments include the Mystery Millions with a $1,500 buy-in and a $5,000,000 guarantee (probably with a top knockout of $500,000), the Millionaire Maker with the same introductions but a million for the champion, and the Mystery Bounty Omaha with a $2,000 buy-in and a $1,000,000 guarantee (to be held online).

The full schedule for the upcoming WSOP Paradise is in the table.





December 3

Mystery Millions



December 4

Millionaire Maker



December 5

GGMillion$ High Rollers Championship



December 6

Mini Main Event



December 7

High Roller PLO



December 7

6-Handed NLH



Dec. 8

Super High Roller



December 8

Mystery Bounty PLO (online)



Dec. 9

Ultra High Roller



December 9

Main Event



December 12

Flip & Go


December 13

NLH Freezeout (online)



December 13

PLO Championship



December 13

The Closer



December 15

High Roller NLH



WSOP Paradise Schedule Released

WSOP Paradise: Damian Salas Finishes Fourth in Event #3

WSOP Paradise: Damian Salas finishes fourth in Eve...

Argentinian Damian Salas nearly won his second World Series of Poker bracelet yesterday in the High Roller 25K Event 3 at WSOP Paradise in the Bahamas.

You can read a recap of Day 2, where Argentinian players managed to profit.

The final table began on Friday with the final eight players, including Spaniard Adrian Mateos, who was eliminated in seventh place for $349,400. With this achievement, he surpassed the $39 million he has won in live tournaments.

When only 4 players remained, Damian was the short stack and dominated with his all-in K-Q. A-K by Frank Brannan. The card read 2-6-8-4-7, giving the winner of the 2020 WSOP Main Event a fourth-place finish for $856,800. He now earns $4.2 million on the track and has climbed to third place on Argentina’s all-time money list.

The final table is defined as follows:

Position Player Country Price

1° Samuel Mullur Austria 2.726.3002° Frank Brannan USA 1.684.5003° Daniel Smiljkovic Germany 1.192.3004° Damián Salas Argentina 856.8005° Arunas Sapitavicius Lithuania 625.4006°K Lemens RoiterAustriau$s 46 3, 700 7°Adrián Mateos Spain$s 349.4008° Matthew StumpfCanada$s 267,5009° Renat BohdanovUkraineu$s 208,300Winner of Event #3.

WSOP Paradise: Damian Salas finishes fourth in Eve...

Gus Hansen returns to WPT World Championship

Gus Hansen returns to WPT World Championship

The highly anticipated $10,400 WPT World Championship Main Event kicked off at WynnLas Vegas, with a large number of players flooding the ballroom at the start of the day, hoping to get a share of the prize pool and maybe some more Can become a champion. The last person to hold a life-changing score in his hand. What is the guaranteed prize pool? Not less than $40 million.

With so much at stake, it’s no surprise that a group of poker superstars were in their seats early to hear the sounds of the cards being shuffled and deals being made. The atmosphere is initially calm and focused, as the constant chirping of chips takes over and players begin to play. The ice is broken.

Maria Konnikova on her second day at the WPT World Championship ME.

One of the people chosen for this is Gus Hansen, we reported a few days ago that he was back on screen in the WPT World Championship promotion, but we wanted to know Whether he will stay or not. The answer is yes: Hansen is the 24th player out of 202 players to make it through Day 1A of the Main Event with 558,000 chips. The group consists of two Latinos: Michael Duek (462,000 chips) and one Nick Yunis who was eliminated penniless from the WPT Prime tournament (with 343,000 chips) promotion). The leader is Jeff Kamim with 998,000.

The next 609 participants include: Alan Keating (957,000), Patrick Leonard (706,000), Darren · Elias(564,000),Maria Konnikova(458,000),Ben Lamb(321,000) and Sergio Aido (263,000).

All successful runners will return for Day 2 of the Level 11 (3km/6km/6km) and Action Clock races on Saturday, while this Wednesday will be Day 1B The second of four aborted departure flights meant there was no way to re-enter.

Main Event WPT Championship

Buy-in: $10,400

Day 1A Participants: 609

Pot: 40,000,000 GTD

Louvres:Level 11 (5K/6K/6K)

Count the first 10 digits

1. Jeff Hakeem – 998,0002. Adekunle Olonoh – 972,0003. Alan Keating – 957,0004. Ardenzo – 798,0005. Jeremy Joseph – 773,0006. Jon Borenstein – 745,0007. John Ming – 712,0008 Patrick Leonard – 706,0009° Tjan Tepeh – 695,00010° George Tomescu – 676,000

Gus Hansen returns to WPT World Championship

Henrique Lessa takes the lead in WSOP Paradise Main Event

Henrique Lessa takes the lead in WSOP Paradise Mai...

At the end of Day 2 of the WSOP Paradise Main Event, Brazilian Henrique Lessa topped the field of 59 qualifiers. He has 8,640,000 in chips, just two big blinds ahead of American Adam Walton (8,480,000). Following closely behind is Portugal’s Rui Sousa who will have 8,085,000 chips.

Day two was busy across the eight divisions, with a total of 388 players eliminated in the race for the coveted diamond bracelet, including 31 Brazilians. These include Pedro Padilha (73rd – $22,500), Edílson Júnior (78th – $22,500), Dennys Ramos (82nd – $19,000), Edson Tsutsumi Jr (84th – $19,000), João Simão ( 100 digits. – USD). $16,200), Bruno Botteon (102nd – $16,200), Rodrigo Seiji (103rd – $16,200) and Yuri Martins (382nd – $8,500).

Vitor Dzivielevski (8th – $4,360,000), Gabriel Henrique and Schroeder (17th – $2,600,000), Pedro Gallas Pedro Garagnani (23rd – 2,385,000), Kelvin Kerber (40th – 1,305,000), Luigi Soncin (48th – 1,150,000), Rodrigo Selouan (51st – 840,000) is joined by Wellington Araujo (57th – 603,000). The third day.

The tournament will continue at 4:00 pm (Brazil time) at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas with blinds of 40,000/80,000, BB-ante. Levels here also last 60 minutes.


1. $2,000,000

2. $1,200,000

3. $900,000

4. $685,000

5. $510,000

6. $400,000

7. $300,000

8. $250,000

9. $200,000

10-11 $150,000

12-15 $113,150

16-23 $90,000

24 -31 US$72,200

32-39 US$58,300

40-47 US$47,500

48-55 US$39,000

$56-59 USD 32,200

Henrique Lessa takes the lead in WSOP Paradise Mai...

BSOP Millions: Rodrigo Rezende wins mini-main event

Rodrigo Rezende defeats Chilean player in heads-up...

If the Uruguayan flag topped the podium in the BSOP Millions Main Event, in a mini-tournament it was Brazil that took home the victory. At the urging of fans, Team Heroes Poker player Rodrigo Rezende shouted “This is the championship” after a thrilling heads-up match against Chilean Christopher Gutierrez.

The Vitória-ES player was rewarded handsomely for beating 1,034 entrants with a buy-in of R$ 2,000 over three long days. Rodrigo’s victory earned him a generous bonus of R$ 274,500, while his Chilean rival finished second with R$ 222,500.

“Winning is a great feeling of satisfaction. I’ve had that.” “The bar in 2021 and 2022, so I’m excited to win the BSOP Million here. Winning something like this is A huge sense of satisfaction that leaves you speechless,” said the champion.

Rodrigo showed a very high level of poker in the final match, as he played against experienced players from other teams. But with a strong performance in the FT semi-finals, he used the momentum to put more pressure on his opponents at the final table:

“When it came time to get to the final table, I was already in. “ Taking the lead . This makes it easier to put pressure on ICM. I made a lot of chips in FT and got into heads up. It’s complicated, I’m 3-1 up, he spins, I spin and go all-in. It was long, tiring, but very rewarding. ” he said.

Rodrigo has always had incredible support from his friends on the Hero Poker team. Every prize pool he wins allows him to devote himself wholeheartedly to the challenge, for which he is extremely grateful: “It feels good to play, not just for the money but for the fans. It’s like a family here. “It’s incredible. It’s a unique experience, for sure,” he concluded.

View full awards:

1. – Rodrigo Rezende – R$274,500*

2. Place – Christopher Gutierrez – R$222,500*

Third place. Place – Raphael Filippetti – 131,550 R$

Fourth place. Location – Guilherme Brasileiro – R$99,000

5. – Luca Vitaliano – R$ 76,000

6. – Bernardo Suarez – 56,000 BRL

7. – Fabiano Teixeira – 41,000 BRL

8. – Alan Heffenstein – R$ 30,000

9. – Caio Augusto Locatelli – R$ 23.00


Rodrigo Rezende defeats Chilean player in heads-up...

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