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How to Qualify for the WSOP Circuit Main Event

WSOP-C Main Event on PokerOC: How to Play the Main...

The WSOP Circuit Series on PokerOK has crossed the equator – most of the gold rings have found their owners, which means the Main Event is getting closer. The summer event has a classic buy-in of $525 and a prize pool of $5,000,000. It’s very possible to get beat in the last few days before the start.

The Main Event is traditionally played in a multi-game format, starting with the first day of the series. There is no limit to the number of times a participant can play. However, only the player with the most chips will advance to the finals.

Day 2 starts on July 31st, but it’s best to secure your spot now. The PokerOK lobby in particular is filled with satellites. With them you can get tickets with minimal investment.

There are Mega Satellites in the room of varying values ​​every hour, which award varying amounts of Main Event WSOP Summer Circuit Online Tickets:

  • Mega SatelliteBuy-in Fee is $25– Prize pool is 1 to 4 Day 1 tickets.
  • Mega Satellite$55 – 2 to 5 tickets on day one.

The $525 buy-in for $25 is a great deal, but you can play the Main Event for even cheaper. There is a $5 chip in front of the giant satellite. Tickets for the major satellites are $25 and $55. A maximum of 4 Main Satellite tickets will be issued in one batch.

Therefore, the starting lineup is kept as short as possible: Steps – Main Satellite – Day 1 – Final.

After that, you only have to play 20 levels for 15 minutes each in each starting phase. During this time, it is not only about “surviving” the tournament, but also trying to reach the maximum chip stack. There are no restrictions on re-admission on the first day, so additional re-admission tickets are definitely not superfluous.

WSOP-C Main Event on PokerOC: How to Play the Main...

FT ‘The Immortal’ Derk van Luijk wins EPT Monte Carlo Main Event and pockets €1 million

FT 'The Immortal' Derk van Luijk wins EPT Monte Ca...

After pulling off one of the most improbable comebacks in EPT history, Dutchman Derk van Luijk won the Main Event in Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco. The casual player won a total of €1,000,000.

Van Luijk was the smallest stack when the FT opened, hitting a pair of aces on his first pre-flop all-in. With the advantage of A♣J♣, he was saved by 2♣8♦6♣J♥J♦ on the board and held on to win in 9 hands.

van Luijk was also just one card away from being eliminated. 3 hands. On a J♥4♠3♣5♥ board, he called an all-in move from American Rania Nasreddine, who had more chips and 5♦4♣. The European player, dominated by J♣10♣, saw the river card of 10♦ prevent his downfall.

In a long one-on-one duel with Boris Angelov, van Luijk suffered losses under the deck. He led with K♥K♣ and immediately called after Boris Angelov 4-bet all-in. The Bulgarian found the dream board Q♥5♠Q♣Q♠7♠ with AChecks and took the pot to regain the lead.

Although Angelov subsequently lost the lead, he managed to regain the lead and win easily, leaving his opponent with only 10 BBS. van Luijk didn’t give up, doubling his chips several times until he was close to winning.

On the final hand, van Luijk went all-in for 13 bets before Angelov went all-in. Playing A♠Q♥ against K♠7♣, van Luijk was not surprised that Q♠J♣4♠3♦9♠ was ahead and shouted victory.

The Main Event had 1,208 entries and was worth €5,300, resulting in €5,858,800 in prize money. Find out how much each finalist won:

1. Derk van Luijk (Netherlands) €1,000,000

2. Boris Angelov (Bulgaria) €620,500

3. Rania Nasreddine (USA) €442,900

4. Jovan Kenjic (Serbia) €340,500

5. Jonathan Pastore (France) €261,700

6. Niclas Thumm (Germany) €201,000

7. Jonathan Guedes (Brazil) €154,900

8. Jozef Cibicek (Slovakia) €119,000

9. Philipp Wenzelburger (Germany) €91,500

FT 'The Immortal' Derk van Luijk wins EPT Monte Ca...

Kevin Andriamahefa wins WSOP Circuit Stage

Kevin Andriamahefa wins WSOP Circuit Stage

After eliminating all his opponents on the final day, Kevin Andriamahefa earned the coveted gold ring in the Main Event of the WSOP Circuit’s Greater Victoria Stage. The unprecedented victory earned Americans a total of $173,593.

Andriamahefa was in the lead at the end of day two, but soon began to fall away in the final act of the championship. Sye Hickey’s Q♣9♣ flipped 8♣8♦ and he wasn’t surprised by the advantage of 4♦5♥10♠7♠Q♦ and won the pot.

Soon after, in a blind battle, Andriamahefa declared all-in and was called by Daniel Aloia, who held A-3. 5-5, CL maintained the lead on a K-K-J-2-K board and secured another jump in prize money.

Andriamahefa very aggressively moved his chips back to the middle of the table and saw Brett Reichard call ♥ask♠ with king. With A♠6♣, Andriamahefa survived a set of 10\9♠5♥8\6♥ and advanced to heads-up play.

Despite his comfortable lead, Andriamahefa still has a lot of work to do. Making sure the main event ends up being eliminated. On the final hand, he called David Kowal’s all-in move and showed A 6 . The short stack dominated by K♥4♥ couldn’t find his way out on the 10 10 ♣ 2 ♦ 2 ♥ Queen board.

With 606 entries and a $1,700 purse, the Main Event brought in $919,090 in purse dollars. Here’s how much each finalist won:

1. Kevin Andriamahefa (USA) $173,593

2. David Kowal (USA) $107,290

3. Brett Reichard (USA) $78,458

4. Daniel Aloia (USA) $58,127

5. Sye Hickey (USA) $43,637

6. Zbigniew Graduate (USA) $33,210

7. Joseph Elpayaa (USA) $26,606

8. Michael Estes (USA) $20,002

9. Dylan Wilkerson (USA) $15,876

Kevin Andriamahefa wins WSOP Circuit Stage

Samuli Sipila wins PGT PLO series championship

Samuli Sipila wins PGT PLO series championship

Samuli Sipila is the PGT PLO Series Champion. Sipila appeared in the PGT PLO series presented by PLO Mastermind, winning two events and cashing out four times. His performance earned him 749 points in the PGT standings and placed him atop the series standings by a wide margin. Sipira received $776,140 from his four cash tranches, plus a $239,000 bounty. This equates to a total transportation volume of $1,015,140. The Finnish performance was incredible.

PGT PLO Series Top 10 Ranking

1. Location: Samuli Sipila – 749 pointsSecond place: Eelis Parssinen – 565 pointsThird place: Seth Davies – 313 pointsFourth place: Dylan Weisman – 309 pointsFifth place: Stefan Christopher – 302 pointsSixth place: Allan Le – 291 points7th place: Ronald Keijzer – 278 points8th place: Bruno Fürth – 258 pointsNinth Place: Lautaro Guerra – 226 points

Topping the series standings, Sipila became the PGT PLO Series Champion, earning him a $10,000 PGT Passport bonus.

The last two games of the series have also ended. Seth Davies won the $25,200 PLO tournament for $522,000. He defeated Samuli Sipila in a heads-up match. For Davis, a longtime high roller, this was the first live cash tournament since records began in Pot-Limit Omaha. In the tenth and final race, James Calderaro notched his first PGT win by taking the lead in the $5,100 PLO Dealer’s Choice event.

Event #9: $25,200 PLO Tournament Results

Entries: 72

Prize Pool: $1,800,000

First Place: Seth Davies – $522,000Second place: Samuli Sipila – $342,000Third Place: Bruno Furth – $243,000Fourth Place: Stefan Christopher – $171,000Fifth Place: Allan Le – $126,000Sixth Place: Sean Winter – $90,0007th place: Joao Simao – $72,0008th Place: Ian Matakis – $72,000Ninth Place: Dylan Weisman – $54,00010th: Ronald Keijzer – $54,00011th Place: Lou Garza – $54,000

Event #10: PLO Dealer Choice Result Worth $5,100. Entries: 21Prize Pool: $105,000

1st Place: James Calderaro – $56,700Second Place: Allan Le – $31,500Third Place: Alex Condon – $16,800

Top 10 in 2024 PGT Points.

Samuli Sipila has overtaken Daniel Negreanu in the season-long PGT standings and is currently in third place behind Dylan Weisman and David Coleman. Seth Davies and Eelis Parssinen also rounded out the top ten with results in the PGT PLO Series.

1. Location: Dylan Weisman – 1,047 pointsSecond place: David Coleman – 937 pointsThird place: Samuli Sipila – 749 pointsFourth place: Daniel Negreanu – 716 pointsFifth place: Kristen Fox – 666 pointsSixth place: Seth Davies – 590 points7th place: Eelis Parssinen – 565 points8th place: Jonathan Little – 549 points9th place: Alex Foxen – 489 points10th place: David Peters – 457 points

Samuli Sipila wins PGT PLO series championship

WPT® Voyage Pajama Meet Attends Nutrition Festival

WPT® Voyage Pajama party games are the icing on th...

WPT® Voyage Pajama party games complement a festival of events at sea. WPT Voyage adds slumber party games to the opening day of the six-day Poker Festival at Sea. WPT Voyage MUG will bring you action-packed fun on the first day of your Caribbean cruise on March 31st.

This friendly cash game will feature World Poker Tour® Ambassador Andrew Neeme, WPT Global Ambassador Ethan “Rampage” Yau, WPT commentators Tony Dunst and Vince Van Patten, and WPT host Lynn Gilmartin. Additionally, special guests Princess Love, Ashley Frank, Nikki Limo, Ashley Sleeth, Jesse Sylvia and Kasey Lyn Mills will be in attendance.

This unique MUG also doubles as overnight accommodation on board. Players and fans are encouraged to wear their best PJs to the event. Competitors wearing pajamas will be entered into a draw to win a spot in the WPT Voyage Championship worth $5,000 when the next day’s guaranteed $1,000,000 event begins. Cash games will begin at 8:00 PM with bets $1-3 and $2-5. There are 20 poker tables in the Red Room. Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The MUG draw ends at 11pm.

WPT Voyage promises to be a unique poker vacation. With a full schedule of 20 tournaments and $1.5 million in guaranteed prizes, players can look forward to an exciting week of poker action with stops in the Cayman Islands and Bahamas before returning to Florida on April 6. Wish you an unforgettable poker trip!

WPT® Voyage Pajama party games are the icing on th...

Samuel Vousden conquers Bicampeonato without GGMillion$ and leverages $323M

Samuel Vousden conquers Bicampeonato without GGMil...

After 574 days, star player Samuel Vousden wins GGMillion$ again. In the 181st edition of the GGPoker Super High Roller, he defeated 149 entrants to win $323,784.

The tournament launched in June 2020 as Super Million$, with 30 Made players collecting at least two bonus titles. The biggest winner is Russian star Artur Martirosian. He has a total of 8 wins, 6 against Michael Addamo, and 5 against Niklas Åstedt, David Yan and Ole Schemion.

To put the Finnish flag on the podium, Vousden had to turn heads – against a struggling player at the GGpoker tables in Volodymyr Palamar.

On the final hand, Vousden easily saw through his opponent’s bluff. Here’s what happened:

The blinds were 70,000/140,000, the ante was 17,500, Vousden went all-in, and Palamar checked. When the flop came 7♠A♣10♠, Vousden bet 236,250. Palamar then check-called on the turn and saw a 4 on the turn. Vousden decided to bet 590,265, only to see his opponent check call again. Finally, on the river 4♠, Palamar increased his stack to 1,371,419. Meanwhile, Wasden thought for a moment and then called J.J.♥. Palamar held Q♥J♠ and watched his opponent win the pot.

GGMillion$ awarded a total of $1,490,000 in prizes. See how much each finalist won:

1. Samuel Vousden (Finland) $323,784

2. Volodymyr Palamar (Ukraine) $252,862

3. Daniel Smiljkovic (Germany) $197,474

4. Bert Stevens (Belgium) $154,219

5. Kannapong Thanarattrakul (Thailand) US$120,439

6. Matthew Stumpf (Canada) $94,057

7. “BAAABUUSKIIII” (Finland) $73,455

8. Enrico Camosci (Italy) $57,365

9. Juan Dominguez (Spain) $44,800

Samuel Vousden conquers Bicampeonato without GGMil...

Caio Araujo leads the final table of the WSOP Circuit Brazil Main Event

Caio Araujo leads the final table of the WSOP Circ...

There are no changes to the top of the WSOP Brazil Circuit Main Event standings. With just over seven hours of racing on day three, many troubled leader Caio Araújo, but no one managed to knock him off the top spot. He currently has 6,335,000 in chips while Guilherme Sazan has 6,200,000.

There are several big names competing for the R$ 460,000 prize. Ozawa Ayao (4,435,000) is in his best form this season and is closest to the lead. Hebert Farias (945,000), a pro who won R$500,000 in the Stage High Roller, is in second-to-last place.

Roberly Felício is now in the short stack. The 2018 WSOP Giants Champion, a casual player from the state of Goiás, hopes to join a group of Brazilians with bracelets and gold rings.

Day 3 ended with the veterans taking on Celso’s brutal Sirtoli with Rodrigo Garrido falling one after another. In the FT bubble, Garrido knocked off 7 BBS with three straight bets from the big names. Back in the thick of the action, Guilherme called and showed J♥10♠. With A♣9♣, Garrido maintained his advantage on the 7♣5♦2♥ flop and 9♠ turn, but the J♦ river confused him.

The finalists return to the Windsor Marapendi Hotel in Rio de Janeiro at 1:00 pm (Brasilia time) with blinds of 30,000/60,000, BB ante.

Number of chips

1. Caio Araújo (São Paulo) 6,335,000

2. Guilherme Sazan (Santa Catarina) 6,200,000

3. Caio Ozawa (São Paulo) 4,435,000

4. Matheus Simonetti (São Paulo) 4,345,000

5. Rafael Grillo (São Paulo) 4,015,000

6. Carlos Henrique Pinheiro (Rio de Janeiro) 3,765,000

7. Leandro Rêgo (State of Pará) 2,160,000

8. Herbert Farias (Ceará) 945,000

9. Roberly Felício (State of Goiás) 595,000


1. 460,000 reais

2. 282,000 reais

3. 200,000 reais

4. 155,000 reais

5. 122,000 reais

6. 95,200 reais

7. R$ 69,500

8. 47,500 reais

9. R$ 37,500

Caio Araujo leads the final table of the WSOP Circ...

Pedro Garagnani wins huge $2,100 Sunday High Roller event

Pedro Garagnani wins huge $2,100 Sunday High Rolle...

On Sunday, a Brazilian player claimed his tenth consecutive title on GGPoker. Pedro Garagnani emerged victorious in Sunday’s $2,100 High Roller Bounty Super Bowl. After sending 65 players home, Ace earned $41,229.

Rodrigo Selouan came within one hand of winning the $1,500 Grand Prix European High Roller, winning $18,788. 67 contestants took part in the championship.

Selouan didn’t stop there. His fifth-place finish in the $1,050 Sunday Super Kickoff HR event for the WSOPC series earned him an additional $9,108.

Dante Goya won silver and $20,153 in the $2,500 Sunday High Roller Omaholic Deepstack event.

Finally, “HTom3” took home a bronze medal in the $125 Sunday Hundred, adding $19,218 to his account.

Pedro Garagnani wins huge $2,100 Sunday High Rolle...

Luigi Soncin is a $525 Bounty Hunter HR Assistant

Luigi Soncin is a $525 Bounty Hunter HR Assistant

Grinder Nationwide once again achieved remarkable results on GGPoker Felt. Luigi Soncin is one elimination away from winning the $525 Bounty Hunters HR event. He finished second out of 285 competitors and added $17,295 to his purse. Minutes earlier, Pedro Padilha finished third for $8,117.

In the $150 Tuesday Classic [Mystery Edition], Talin “SoFumoGelo” Vasconcellos was eliminated in heads-up play for $16,728. 2,268 participants took part in the tournament.

In the $52.50 Bounty Hunters Daily Main [Mystery Edition] event, “Sacannabis” took bronze and earned $12,599.

Meanwhile, “seguraabomba” earned $11,951 in Round 4 – Tuesday’s Classic HR of $1,050.

Also on the site, “Hudsonroocha” called out “Champion” in the $25 GGMasters Bounty Warm-Up Tournament and took home $9,599.

Luigi Soncin is a $525 Bounty Hunter HR Assistant

Shaquille O’Neal on Charles Barkley’s fiasco

Shaquille O'Neal vs. Charles Barkley

In the world of poker and basketball stars, Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley share a hilarious moment on TNT. Not only are these two court legends considered two of the best basketball players of all time, but they are also renowned commentators on the channel.

The backdrop for this bizarre encounter is the show’s studio, where Shaq and Chuck, as they are affectionately called, compete against each other in a spontaneous game of poker. Kenny Smith, another former player and commentator on the station, also attended the event. The spark for poker comes naturally in anticipation of the upcoming NBA All-Star Game, a jam-packed event that brings all the stars of the league together in one place.

Hold this event as part of the build-up to Kenny Smith’s hosting of a player-versus-player charity poker tournament with a $5,000 buy-in and all proceeds going to charity. The move inspired Shaq and Chuck to play an informal poker game in the studio, with the winner getting a day off from the show, creating a moment of laughter and camaraderie.

The dealer joins the game and deals five cards to each participant. Barkley’s full house was impressive, while O’Neill joked about his lack of experience at poker and displayed a royal flush, which elicited laughter from everyone present. While it was obviously a joke and Shaq was probably making fun of Chuck, it did show the former Los Angeles Lakers center’s love for poker. Shaq even has a $1 million poker table in his treehouse.

Shaquille O'Neal vs. Charles Barkley

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