After deal completes, Pedro Madeira wins OSS Main Event and takes home $447,000

After deal completes, Pedro Madeira wins OSS Main...

Another online series ends with a victory for Green and Yellow. In the OSS Main Event, two bean grinders from the country participated in 3 hands. Chip leader Pedro “DonkeyPROZ” Madeira took home the token title and $447,338 in prize money, while “MsChaandlerBong” took home the bronze medal and $346,682 in prize money. Alex “!Alexyo” Theologis of Greece earned $419,896 in second place.

Pedro got off to a good start, taking the lead after winning three all-in bets. At the beginning of the game, CL “Und3rTh3Br1dg3” raised the minimum to 3,200,000 and was called directly by the Brazilian from the small blind. Big name “Down2Muck” then announced an all-in 3-bet for 20,245,092. “Und3rTh3Br1dg3” didn’t think twice and pushed his chips to the middle of the table. Pedro called with 67,234,510 and A♥K♣. “Down2Muck” received an A 10♣, while “Und3rTh3Br1dg3” received a Q♠10♥. The advantage of 5δ7♠4♥7δ6δ hit no one and Pedro won a huge pot.

“Und3rTh3Br1dg3” was quickly eliminated. During six hands, he made an open shove with 9 BBS and was dubbed “MsChanandlerBong.” With K♥Q against A♦2, the Englishman on 2♥A♠J♠4♦6♣ had no chance.

The Brazilian’s next victim was “oblioo”. In the blind, he declared all-in and followed Pedro’s call with A♣7♣. With J♥10♠, the Americans had no chance on the 6ϋ9♥K§5♣2♠ board.

Very aggressively, it seems unlikely that Pedro would now trade with more than half the chips in 4 hands and Aces, but Theologis managed to reduce the 4Bet team player’s advantage. He three-bet with 7♠7♦ on a 3♥A♠2♦7♣K♥ board and declared all-in. The “baptizedhookers” couldn’t let go of his A 9 ♦ and made the call that brought him down.

As soon as the three-way match began, play was paused to discuss the deal. With no consensus reached, they resumed play, but only for a short time. The second break was the finals, where the main event came to an end.

ACR Poker had 1,146 entrants, $2,650 in prize money and $2,865,338 in prize money. See how much each finalist won:

1. Pedro “DonkeyPROZ” Madeira (Brazil) $447,338*

2. “!Alexyo” (UK) $419,896

3. “MsChanandlerBong” (Brazil) $346,682*

4. “baptizedhookers” (USA) $208,824

5 “oblioo” (USA) $152,440

6. “Und3rTh3Br1dg3 “(UK) $111,282

7. “DiffieHellman” (Canada) $81,237

8. “Down2Muck” (USA) $59,302

After deal completes, Pedro Madeira wins OSS Main...

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